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  19.09.2020 Wetter Ostsee


OMC-116 Full metal Ultrasonic wind sensor

Marine meteorological observations require devices designed to withstand the hardest environmental conditions such like heavy vibrations, sea spray, extreme colds, chemical particles etc. With a major track record the Marine and offshore market is the home market for the Observator meteorological product line.


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OMC-160 Wind speed & direction sensor

The popular and often used wind sensor OMC-160 is a combined wind speed and direction sensor, based on the cup and vane principle. Having chosen for the highest quality stainless steel materials and internal non-contact measuring devices, this sensor stands for a long life time, having the highest accuracies within both the low range as well as the high range wind speeds. This sensor is commonly

used within the shipping and offshore industry but can also be found on many airfields, container terminals and harbors, along highways and on bridges.



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OMC-150 /158 Intrinsically safe wind sensor (Atex)

The OMC-150 is an Intrinsically Safe combined wind speed and direction sensor, based on the cup and vane principle. A complete wind set consists besides this sensor of an Eex junction box which is placed nearby the sensor OMC-156, and a Zener barrier interface box OMC-158. Using a sin/cos potentiometer wind direction is measured without a dead-band, while speed is measured using a proximately switch and a code cap. The unit is made from stainless steel and comes with a mounting arm which can be clamped to a mast using two U-Bolts.



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OMC-118 Ultrasonic wind sensor

OMC-118 WindObserver II The WindObserver II is used in cases an ultrasonic wind sensor is required. As Commercial Of The Shelf sensor, Observator instruments has supplied this stainless steel instrument to several Navies. Other application were Observator applied this sensor are in general marine and offshore applications as well in several tunnels. The WindObserver II can be connected to all Obsermet equipment like data loggers, signal conditioning units and displays using the NMEA or Polar format. The WindObserver II which has a standard 0..65 m/s is optionally also available in a 0..75 m/s range.



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OMC-118 I.S. Ultrasonic Intrinsically Safe Wind sensor

The Intrinsically Safe WindObserver  is approved to EEx ia IIC T4 Ga for use in hazardous areas. This industrial anemometer will monitor wind speeds of 0-75m/s and is particularly suited to offshore oil platform applications. With a low start-up speed (0.01 m/s) and no moving parts, the IS windObserver Intrinsically Safe anemometer exhibits significant benefits over standard three cup anemometers. Approved to EEx ia IIC T4 Ga, this Intrinsically Safe anemometer is ideal for use in hazardous areas, requiring no calibration or maintenance.



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